Meg is a Community Nurse who undertook the Epona Yoga Facilitator Training in October 2009.  Since then Meg has been introducing into schools within the Wheatbelt district of Western Australia.  Meg has 2 children of her own and is very enthusiastic in sharing yoga with children and parents.

Here are a few words from Meg -

My name is Meg I am married to Jon and have two children Jesse 18 and Trudi 16. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years as well as pregnancy and baby yoga with my own children. I am a community nurse and work in the schools in the Avon and Central Wheatbelt and have worked with children with cancer as well as special needs in hospital and in their own homes, here at PMH, in Adelaide as well as in London.

I decided to introduce yoga and meditation into some of my schools with the support of Deb from Epona Yoga as I realised how stressed kids were these days and they did not seem to have the skills to deal with how they were feeling. This program has been a great success in showing kids different ways in expressing theiremotionsr as well as learning ways to calm themselves down and it is easy now to introduce in to schools as yoga is now scientifically proven and is a great holistic way to bring fun and fitness into our kids busy and stressful lives helping to keep them healthy.

I am a member of the IICT, fully insured, I have police clearance and a working with children check am now available for classes after school week-ends and some days during the week.

Please contact me for further information 0435 723 342


Trae is one of my students and here is what he has to say

My name is Trae, I am 11 years old.

I go to Northam Primary School.
I like fishing, yoga and skateboarding
And I like playing games on my DS.
I like yoga because it makes me happy
My favourite yoga pose is the crow
I also like tree pose, it is good for balance
I like fireman’s breath because it makes my head feel clear
and I like child’s pose because it makes me feel calm and relaxed.




My daughter B., has been participating in a weekly yoga session with the school nurse Meg, as part of a year 1 class activity. Bridie has loved her yoga experience. She comes home and demonstrates the latest poses,and I often catch her practicing them throughout the day. I have noticed she has made significant improvement in balance and flexibility. I’m thrilled she has had this opportunity to benefit from the yoga program.

Mother of student / Speech therapist


My year 6/7 students have participated in Yoga sessions in both an introductory manner in 2009 and intensive sessions this term.
Collectively this group of 29 students has taken significant amounts of time to settle and remain focussed. Following the yoga sessions the following are positive, observable behaviours –

1.   Come into class and settle quickly to the task at hand following yoga sessions.
2.   Independently use breathing techniques to relax during NAPLAN testing
3.   Total involvement in yoga sessions
4.   Positive attitude toward sessions
5.   Desire to become leaders in sessions and willingness to prepare for these sessions in their own time.
6.   An understanding of how breathing can assist in positive decision making.

I am grateful to Meg for running these sessions and highly recommend them to other upper primary teachers.

B. Stace Year 6/7 Teacher

A testimonial from a year 7 student

“At school we have been doing yoga. I have found it quite relaxing and I have enjoyed it heaps. I found the Yoga breathing very helpful during tests at school.”



A testimonial from a year 7 student

“ Yoga is great! It’s a great exercise to do in the morning. It helps you get through the day and it’s a great thing to do.”



A testimonial from one of the care givers from the CAMHS childrens yoga group approximately three months following the program.

“ The yoga has given T. the chance to learn different ways to relax and express his anger like when he may use Angry Warrior Pose. T. will use crow pose to help calm him self down. Also using breathing techniques to calm him self down.”
C.E. L

C. went  on to say that T. has continued to use the yoga at home and will sometimes show friends what he has learnt. T. is also eager to do some more when the opportunity come up.


Two of my clients attended the yoga group. I must say that one family in particular gained a great deal of positive growth from their involvement.

The group process was successful in highlighting behavior management issues which the parent was in strong denial about.
The group was instrumental in reflecting to the parent issues that I had already raised in counseling sessions. The problems being related to family dynamics and boundaries. These elements were visually present within the group and the parent was able to internalise the problems and instigate action in terms of addressing the children’s needs.

I do not believe that a forum other than a group or an elaborate videoing intervention would have produced the same or similar results. I have now been able to discharge this particular client from the service as symptoms have reduced greatly.
Yours Sincerely

J.B. BSW (Gestalt)
May 2010-05-31